December 31, 2013



 "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Augie - for all of his rough and tumble super hero loving ways he's always had a tender heart for little creatures. Snails, praying mantises, worms, etc; in this case a yellow ladybug.

Liam - who shares most of his brother's love for wild play his sweet soul will shine out of nowhere and tell me things like, "I love you SO much. More than a hundred."

Juniper - this girl seems to be evolved in her love of everything and everyone.

At first 52 portraits didn't sound like a lot to take on. I could surely do that - sometimes I take 52 pictures in a single day! But I have to say, at times, this project for all it's simplicity seemed daunting. In the midst of being in my last trimester of pregnancy, trying to keep up with 4 year old twin boy antics, preparing for a homebirth and not having it happen yet welcoming a sweet baby girl into our family, getting the hang of life with a newborn again, night feedings and diapers again, learning how to get out the door with everyone in tact (there are still days that it doesn't quite happen) while trying to maintain just the tiniest bit of sanity. 

Sometimes Monday would roll around reminding me that I'm late again in posting for the 52 project. This happened more times than not. Of course this wasn't a huge deal, or it wasn't supposed to be -  the weekly submissions had a very relaxed deadline but this project had somehow been put on my NEED TO DO OR ELSE list instead of the Just Relax And Enjoy It! list. It's how I tend to work. But here we are at week 52 and I could not be happier that I participated in and finished such an awesome project alongside so many others.

Here's to way more relaxing and enjoying in 2014!

part of the 52 project


  1. Perfect pictures to end 2013! Beautiful!

  2. You made it! I love these. Especially your description of Liam and his big heart. He sounds like my Oliver. You certainly had an eventful year!


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