October 14, 2013

month by month - six

Dear Juniper,

Six months old and the time has literally flown. You are still a literal ball of joy. You make everyone, even total strangers happy with your smile. Dada and I call what you possess "indiscriminate joy." Your brothers love for you to look at them as they try and amuse you. They argue over who you'll sit next to at the dinner table. You sleep great still although your Dada is convinced you have your morning alarm set to when he's sitting zazen. There is now a light layer of fuzzy strawberry blonde hair on that cute head of yours and your eyes are as blue as anything. Actually, they remind me of your Papa's. Nobody knows where those beautiful long lashes came from though. Making funny noises like sucking in air are a favorite pastime of yours. You are a darling sweet happy baby.



  1. What a sweet little bub. Love all her varied expressions, she did bring a smile to my face just looking at her pictures.

  2. Oh, hello, sweet baby girl! And hello Cortnie! Loving these shots- have a great weekend, darlin!

  3. She just gets more beautiful with every month- so sweet! I love getting to see that smile everyday on instagram :)


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