August 20, 2013

month by month - four

Juniper Beatrice - 4 months

Dear, Juniper

Your Dada and I call you our little Jolly Rancher amongst many other silly names. We are constantly amazed at how happy you seem to be. You're really only out of sorts when you're hungry or tired. When you're really exhausted you shriek like a little banshee. You're generally content to be passed around between family members or at church and you almost always have a little smile for people. You've started to roll on your side and you can often be found laying that way happily cooing and talking in your way - sometimes delightfully loud. When your brothers are around you're watching them, smiling. They like to give us reports on your general well being from the backseat where you all sit together. Usually, it's, "The baby's spitting up!"  On our recent trip to Pine Mountain I remember the boys saying "The baby looks sad." "Now she looks happy." Ha! I wonder what you think of all that backseat banter.

We love you so.

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  1. Such beautiful blue eyes! I can't beleive how big she is, that time just really does fly.


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