August 24, 2013

first family getaway

It was mid-August when we realized we hadn't made it anywhere out of town that would constitute as a family vacation. We hastily researched some cabins for rent in the nearby mountain town of Pine Mountain, booked it, threw all the kids in the car and took off. There were lots of walking/trails close by, a small lake, a tiny little "village" that had ice cream and a general store, a recreational clubhouse with a pool and a bar. (we didn't actually make use of the bar - it was just comforting knowing it was there.) And an entire house to be as crazy in as we needed to be. One sacrifice needed to be made to the vacation gods in the form of our car battery going dead the second day there and needing a jump then cautiously driving home in heat without air conditioning but whatevs. That's the stuff of good memories.

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