July 17, 2013

month by month - three

 Juniper Beatrice - 3 months
(wearing her Mama's baptismal dress and yes, bonnet)

Dear Juniper, you are the sweetest, happiest little baby. You still delight in talking to us in your little bird voice. You have started sleeping for long stretches through the night but napping is another story. You love bath time and watch me intently the whole time I bathe you. Your Dada loves spending "face time" with you and enjoys your feeding time together. Your brothers are still silly but once in a while Liam will attempt to hold and feed you. And Augie will occasionally kiss you goodnight or before leaving for school. Sometimes you join us for dinner, sitting in your little blue bouncy chair. This month you were baptized at St. Paul's Episcopal along with your brothers. You slept through the whole thing.

Being with you is a daily gift.



  1. I had so much fun putting Mazzy in my old dresses... Girls are so fun! Boys are too but in a totally different way!

  2. This was my one and only dress I still have from childhood so I'm so happy she got to wear it!


  3. I got chills when I found out this used to be your little dress! It looks perfect on Juniper! Such a great little note to her, too.

  4. Awww!!! Little Junie!!! I miss you!


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