June 20, 2013

month by month - two

  Juniper Beatrice - 2 months old

Dear Juniper, you have been practicing your smile, coos, and attempts at talking. We often lay you down on a blanket in the living room and you stare up at the fan with delight. You make little bird noises. I love watching you watching me as I feed you. Your eyes are so blue right now. I love watching you do just about anything. You are becoming more aware of your brothers and their constant shenanigans. It seems that they already interest and amuse you. They think you're the cutest baby ever but they still don't want to help change your diaper.


  1. Already? It can't be. She is such sweetness.

  2. She is just perfect.

    I also think that her name suits her so well! She looks like a Juniper Beatrice!


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