May 21, 2013


 "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013."

My boys, Liam and Augie, on their 4th birthday - Sporting fresh summer haircuts (given by mama to fix the first attempts at a haircut), wearing new superhero shirts (gifts from their sister) and ready to ride new push scooters (gifts from mama and dada.) These boys never cease to amaze me in all sorts of ways. I've recently noticed how long their legs have gotten, felt how heavy they are when I pick them up (which is less and less nowadays) and watched how they continue to grow before my eyes. Sometimes I can see hints of the teenagers to come. Oh, my boys, don't grow too fast.

Juniper - looking sweetly stoic at one month old. 

 part of the 52 project

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  1. Happy birthday boys! I'm noticing how much less I pick up Wyatt lately too, even though he's still little he just likes to walk (and I like the break!). They do grow do fast, especially that Juniper. Cuties!


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