April 11, 2013

week 39

This type of waiting is like no other.


  1. I bet! Like you, I never went full term last time so I don't yet know this feeling. I'm actually hoping to get a taste of it this time... but there does come that point when you're just ready :) Looking good at least.

  2. I love this photo! I'm sure you are just on pins and needles!

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful photo of you. 39 weeks?! How did that happen so fast? I can't wait the see the newbie. Enjoy them in there these last few moments, as you breathe and eat for them. So special. :)

    xo Brooke

  4. Lilly, yes, I feel SO ready sometimes and at other times I kind of relish it. Such a strange set of feelings.

    Lauren, thanks!

    Brooke, it did seem to happen fast but I think I'm enjoying it to the fullest! :)


  5. so did baby make a grand entrance yet ???
    take your time, but i have been checking for new pics ;)


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