April 28, 2013

And just like that we knew our life would never be the same

It has been one week exactly since the birth of our precious girl, Juniper Beatrice. She is perfect in every way because she is ours - like she's always been here. So much love for this girl.

Many of you know that we had excitedly planned a home birth yet despite all my hopes and dreams for one, Juniper ended up being delivered in a nearby hospital. She and I are fine and healthy and thankfully there was never a real emergency situation but nevertheless this was not a part of the plan and I'm still processing it all. At times I feel so sad that this was not our reality.

I will tell you that I am so thankful to have had the chance to labor in the comfort of our home with my amazing husband and midwife team and I am especially thankful that despite going to the hospital in the end I was able to have her naturally under the care of a wonderful backup physician without undergoing another c-section. I didn't escape completely unscathed as I had a major episiotomy (9lbs 7 oz of baby will do that to ya!) but it's still better than major surgery.

At some point I would love to share her full birth story - if not just to write it all down - and also because so many of your own birth stories were an inspiration and comfort to me in the days leading up to her birth.

But for now I just wanted you all to know that she's here, safe and sound, and exactly as she should be.



  1. She is beautiful!! That last picture is precious.

    Can't wait to hear the whole story.

  2. congratulations! she is beautiful and precious and so very cute for a newborn...now scrunched up old lady with her. i hope life is adjusting peacefully.

  3. Oh, wow, Cortnie! I am so over the moon happy for you guys! She is such a beautiful little soul. And whoa! I can't believe that she was that big! You know how to grow 'em!

    Honestly, it is so hard when you have a plan in your mind of how you want labor to go and the universe just has other plans. I had 3 natural births, but my second (Oliver) was a home birth. And you know what? It was my most difficult childbirth experience of the three. He was my smallest babe, but somehow came out elbow-first with his other hand on his head. It was not pretty, and I should have had stitches, but begged the midwife not to sew me up. I dealt with the consequences of that for a good year after Oliver was born.

    Childbirth can be so unpredictable! I am really glad you were able to go natural and that you and Juniper B are healthy! Beautiful name, by the way!

  4. Ooh, Cortnie, congratulations on a beautiful addition with a lovely name! I love tree names. :)

    I look forward to reading your story. We never expect what comes, do we? I'm so glad she and you are safe and healthy.

    xoxo Brooke

  5. Yay, I'm a bit late here but congratulations! I was so delighted to see your beautiful girl pop up on instagram. You all look wonderful.

    I definitely relate to that feeling of grieving a bit at the loss of the birth experience that you were hoping for, despite the obvious and overwhelming joy over this new little person. It took a few years for that feeling to fade for me, but it has faded. I'm trying not to form any firm visions this time around- it is tough though!

    So glad that you are all doing great and enjoying one another. Can't wait to hear more!

    xox Lilly

  6. Soooo many congratulations! What a beautiful and unusual name- I love it.Rx


  7. OMG!!! she looks so much like Gary!!! Can't wait to meet her...

  8. I didn't know you had planned a home birth. Sorry that it didn't happen as you planned. Does life ever go according to our plans? LOL Mine never seems to. I planned a VBAC with Mikah, and alas she came 7 weeks early and was sideways, so I was forced to have another C. Life is funny. So glad you were able to be home for most of your labor though. And what a welcome addition she is. :)


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