March 28, 2013

week 37

Only three weeks away (in theory) until the arrival of our brand new family member. Now I can look back and say the time went by fast although part of me remembers the days that seemed to stretch out like years. Overall, there were much more good days than bad and I'm so thankful to be here now. Savoring these last days of this little being moving and growing inside me and her brothers with their daily eager questions of when the baby will finally be here. They have an ongoing list of what they plan to help her with; walking, running, eating, helping her go on the potty, changing her diapers (poopy ones too!), sharing, and more recently helping her find eggs on Easter egg hunts. All good things I think. :)


  1. Three weeks? That's no time at all (and sooooo long when you're just done being pregnant, as I was for my last pregnancy!).

    I love that first photo of you- maybe my favorite ever. That one's a framer for sure!

    And your boys sound so incredibly sweet. Milo was almost 4 years old when Emil was born, and the tenderness he expressed towards his baby brother was heartbreakingly sweet and pure. I am sure your boys will be the same way. Especially with a baby girl! I think that brings out the older brother protectiveness for some reason!

  2. These pictures are stunning, you look so beautiful. I can't believe you are so close! I think this last month (or less) will fly by and can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little girl.


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