March 26, 2013

our trip to the sea

We decided to take a spontaneous trip last week while G was on break from teaching. We wanted to take the boys somewhere, just the four us while we were just the four of us. The beach is always a good bet so we packed up and headed out for a quick overnight trip.

This trip was all about fun and doing what the boys wanted to do which included the banning of afternoon naps, building sandcastles, splashing in the brisk water, holding hands with Liam laughing and running from waves, looking for rocks and shells and other beach treasures, taking a break with cold ginger ale, chasing seagulls, playing on the playground, indulging in birthday cake ice cream, eating pizza for dinner on our balcony, taking baths, picking out toys from the local grocery shop, taking a morning walk on the pier,  marveling at the water underneath our feet, going down to the pier "basement", laughing and racing Augie to the end, spying pirate ships, being happily exhausted, wanting to do it all again.

My hopelessly sentimental spirit combined with these crazy pregnancy hormones induced some bittersweet tears on the ride home. It's been just the four of us for nearly four years and although a celebratory change is coming to our family there are moments when it's hard to accept the change that will happen and just let it come.

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  1. we snuck away to the beach as well...we just hiked and sat on the beach for hours on soul sighed. i needed that so much. i'm glad you were able to cherish a bit of togetherness before the baby comes.


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