February 19, 2013

love from brooklyn

This past weekend my bff for the past twenty one years came to stay with us. The last time Parisa was here the boys were just under two months old. Augie and Liam took to her right away and quickly introduced her to a world of knights, castles, robots, and of course, Beatles performances. Although we've spent most of our friendship living in different cities it's always so hard to say goodbye. But for now we're all thinking up a plan when we can take everyone (including baby girl) to go visit her in Brooklyn to go to all sorts of parks and museums and most importantly, to ride the subway!


  1. the pleasure was all mine - it was so wonderful to see all you beauties!!!
    and yes, i'm still unclear why enemy knights were living in our castle (and why we were building furniture for them???)
    love you guys!

  2. Oh, it is so wonderful to visit with old friends (and so hard to say good-bye)! My goodness you two do live far away from each other... but just another good excuse to travel cross-country!

  3. Oh so sweet and so sweet to see your smiles. Hope you see each other again really soon..xx


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