January 30, 2013

week 29

I don't think I'll be getting around to a maternity shot this week, but here are some from about three weeks ago. This has definitely been one of my go-to outfits of late - comfy tights, ultra soft sweater dress, hand-me-down boots from my bff, and my trusty old pea coat. A coat that was on the verge of being given away several times in the midst of manic closet clean-outs (by me) and saved (by G) much to the delight of me (as it's the only coat that will fit me nowadays) and G (because he gets to say See? Aren't you glad I saved it?) Ok, fine.

I'm feeling kind of enormous given how much time I left to grow! I think my uterus is tired. Haha! I try to remind myself that this might be the last time I carry a child and just to enjoy it all. Even the part where I feel like a giant waddling beach ball.


  1. Uhhh, you look amazing. You don't even look pregnant!! and of course I always love your style :). GO G!!!! Yes, he did good. Oh my goodness you are so close!!!! Well, hang in there Cortnie, your uterus is almost there!!
    oh and are you a nesting maniac yet?

  2. Haha! MJ, this photo is kind of cheating with the coat and all but I PROMISE you - I definitely look pregnant!

    And yes, I am a total nesting/re-arranging/organizing maniac but it's been fun!

    Thank you for your sweet words.



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