January 23, 2013

perfect day for a train ride

Last week before G's winter break was officially over we decided to take Amtrak to a little town called Hanford just 86 miles northwest of us. The boys could not talk about anything else once we told them we were going on the TRAIN. It was our vacation away from home and although it was only a day trip it did wonders just walking around charming unfamiliar streets, walking up and down the empty steps of the old courthouse, admiring the carousel closed up for the winter, enjoying huge ice cream scoops and root bear floats at the local creamery, exploring the tiny red chapel built in 1886 next to the Episcopal church, walking in the brisk air through neighborhoods (a little farther than expected) to the old China Alley to eat a small lunch at the tea shop. It was such a fun day, just the four of us, wandering through the towns sites. A day vacation well spent.


  1. It looks like such a fun little trip, and I love how excited the boys were about the train! I took Wyatt on the subway to meet my husband for lunch one day and he was beyond excited. Joy that's good to channel if you're stuck with a painful commute everyday :)

  2. i never thought to do this. and now we must - because my kids love trains. i'm assuming you hit superior dairy (creamery)...wonderful place. it's a special treat for us.

  3. beautiful photos! those milkshakes look delish! xo


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