January 27, 2013


 Augie - reenacting a scene from Help! (seriously obsessed)

                                   Liam - just acting goofy.                           

Oh, this camera of ours - it's definitely on it's death bed. In my opinion it pales in comparison to the beautiful aesthetic created by our 35mm Minolta. But our trusty little Sony Cyber-shot has been such a workhorse. It accompanied us on travels to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brugge, Brussels, and Cost Rica. Not to mention countless beach trips. It was a faithful documentor of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, park days, and everyday events. G said we should give it a proper burial. I'm down with that. As long as I can document the ceremony with a brand new Canon.


  1. Ah cameras. There really is something about a new camera!

    Your boys are so adorable!!

  2. I've always believed photographs are so much more about the photographer than the camera. These are superb!


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