December 14, 2012

22 weeks

All I can think about lately is creating a new space for the baby, for the boys, for G and I and the logistics of how to make it all happen in our modest three bedroom home. I am more than grateful for this house that we have but it still presents a puzzle of space in our shifting family dynamic. We've gone over all the possible room change and reorganizing scenarios. Currently the boys share the smallest bedroom, the "master" room (sans master bathroom) is our office, music room, guest room, catch-all, and G and I are in the medium sized bedroom. For a long while we thought the boys should move into the office so they could have the most space and we could house the majority of toys in there too and then the baby could take their old room. But I might have had an epiphany this morning when all chaos was reigning down as we all tried to get out the door with Augie smashing his fingers in the front door, Liam demanding to take his stuffed bunny outside to play with in the dirt, and G going back and forth from our room and the office because his closet space is in limbo while I stood in our room waiting for everyone to LEAVE so I could get dressed already! I think G and I need the bigger room. I need SPACE! (can you see it in the faraway look in my eyes?)

How have you all worked out space issues in your own homes? Have any great toy storage tips? I do know one thing - we have to liquidate a lot of stuff ASAP.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have some exciting baby news for you next week.... Wishing you a happy weekend!



  1. Man, that is hard! Andrew and I have realized the opposite-- that we don't use the space we have. We got this big old house with three floors knowing we wanted at least three kids (and anticipating a lot of out-of-town guests since all of our relatives live far away) and thinking we needed so much space. But we have found that the older two boys' shared room is used only for sleeping and getting dressed, and we end up sleeping in the playroom/guest room on the same floor as our three kids because they wake up so much at night. If it's any help, I feel very strongly about keeping most toys out of the kids' bedroom so that they are not distracted from sleeping. We keep most of their toys on our main floor. Could you put some toys in storage (if you have a basement?) and rotate them out when they become bored? I've heard that works very well.

    Either way, I wish you luck figuring it all out, and can't wait to hear the possible exciting baby news!

  2. Space?! Oh yes, I live, eat, and breathe the space puzzle. I actually like the challenge. We put Wyatt in the smallest room you've ever seen, just big enough for his crib. I love it, cozy and sweet and although he does have books in there, there isn't room for a bunch of toys and he knows it's a place for sleep. I think you guys should take the big room since it will be your refuge and it may even need to double as an office if you lose that space?

    I love all the pictures I've seen if your home, looking forward to seeing how you work it out :)

  3. I know all about the space struggle too. My advice is do whatever works for your life, sometimes i'll ask Jas does this look weird? But we just started having more of a focus on functionality over normality...but of course style comes into play too, when possible. i guess it works. Chris came over one day and said i just don't think i could pull off what you've done here..hopefully this year i will get some more space too! xo


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