December 7, 2012

21 weeks

I was shaken out of denial this week when I tried the rubber band trick on my non-maternity jeans only to suffer horrendous abdominal cramping a couple of hours into my shopping trip at Target. At least I'm pretty sure that was the reason. Haha! Anyway, it's officially Maternity Jeans Time. Dang.


  1. I loved my maternity jeans until my belly just got so big they wouldn't really stay up. But I did find some really comfy maternity stuff ~ wish I could still wear it but I guess that's where yoga pants come in. :)

  2. It happens so much faster with subsequent pregnancies! But you would know that after having twins! You look beautiful.

  3. I did the same with tights. One day at work I had such severe cramping I almost went to the hospital, when I got home and took off my tights I realized they were killing my belly. I actually loved maternity jeans- stretchy heaven :) You look great!


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