November 13, 2012

weekend escape to the coast

The stars aligned last weekend when I took off solo to meet up with two of my oldest and dearest friends of which I haven't seen since before the boys were born. We all left husbands, boyfriend, and children at home to spend two nights at Pismo Beach and shopping shenanigans in San Luis Obispo. The round trip drive through the gorgeous hills and plains all alone listening to Fresh Air podcasts (nerd alert) without anyone needing anything from me from the backseat was kind of amazing. Ah....heaven. And whoa, the amount of laughing that went on between us was ridiculous but not at all unexpected. But totally and completely needed.


  1. I love NPR and always have it on in the background, when things start repeating for a third time I do go a little nuts :)

    Looks like a beautiful spot. Glad you had a fun trip, Lilly

  2. Ha! Nerd alert! I love Fresh Air and This American Life so much that I've been known to SHUSH my little boys so I can listen in peace.

    SO glad you got to do this! I am long overdue for a trip like this... as soon as I wean the young one, I'm out.

  3. Beautiful pictures, looks like a wonderful trip. Xx


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