November 5, 2012

little leftover bits

We enjoyed some sunset pumpkin hunting at a small little family farm way out in the country. There were corn mazes and a petting zoo, a big pond and lots and lots of old tractors. A definite highlight.
We also took our little knights trick-or-treating in the old pioneer village of the Kern County Museum. Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch a photo of them in their full regalia because swords and shields were left at home and helmets were quickly taken off and given to mama to hold. There were loads of candy to be had (ugh) and there was even a little dancing on a dark dance floor. The boys also went with their dada through the haunted house. Twice.


  1. Such a lovely end to fall, and very handsome little knights. Is that you in the white and pink? Impressive! I was super lazy on the costume thing for myself this year.


  2. Lilly - no, that's not me in costume - I was super lazy this year too! xo

  3. Oh, they are so cute! And I'm with you on the ugh to loads of candy. I secretly threw out handfuls of it after the boys went to bed every night for 4 days straight... they were none the wiser. But I can't be sure Milo will let me get away with that next year!

  4. Such cute little knights!! Love it.
    This is the first year that we did not get to a pumpkin patch (unless Trader Joe's counts..ha, ha). Such a bummer though. I love pumpkin patches.


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