October 1, 2012

the kern county fair

This was officially the boys second time at the fair but in all honestly none of us could remember much of the first time - they were a mere 18 months old, we were fairly new vegetarians, and trying to recall memories that are more than six months old usually result in haziness. Is this what happens to your brain upon becoming a mother?

But this time around we had a most memorable time. It helps that the boys who are now three were stoked beyond belief at the lights of the rides, the animals (the goats and sheep, the gigantic hogs, not so much), and the crazy bounce house rides and obstacle courses. G and Augie attempted the latter and almost made it to the slide at the end. Liam decided after thirty seconds of being in there that it would be much less horrible to wait on the outside with Mama.

And although eating vegetarian at the fair takes some hunting we ended up happily eating a giant plate of spiral cheese fries for dinner followed by chocolate ice cream cones (God, the mess) and a token cinnamon roll. I can only imagine the condition of my stomach if I had actually braved a corn dog. But man if fair corn dogs aren't one of the best things ever.

The teeny regret I have is not being able to fit a photo booth session in. It's such a tradition for me and G and is my all time fave thing to do at the fair. Next year for sure!


  1. oh what fun! i wish we could've gone, but we decided it wouldn't hurt too much to miss this year. ezra got his carni fill at the garlic festival this summer i hope! i think of you often and hope you are well! we'd love for you to come over again soon.

  2. Looks like so much fun, vegetarian eating at places like this usually leave me pretty ill! I did once have a veggie corn dog though- scrumptious :)

  3. What fun! I love a good carnival!

    And... um, those cheesy fries look amazing!

  4. My first thought was OH MY GOD I WANT A CORN DOG and I don't eat meat either! Haha, the crappy food of my childhood just calls to me sometimes! I love fairs so much. I really hope we can find one before the fall is over near us. And I hope they have cheese fries!

  5. i had to reboot my computer to leave a comment (we're not going to think about the demon virus that must be living inside it to do this every few weeks)...but i wanted to tell you that i totally appreciate your comment and you guys should totally come over for sewing saturday sometime! and ps - bittersweet, we're selling our BOB this week...so it was fun seeing yours. it's just time - my kids have grown 47 inches and 195 lbs combined (i exaggerate, of course - but just barely) in the past few years and as much as i keep putting it off - it's time. thanks for letting me peek into your uber cool life. sometimes, i need to be reminded of that there are like minded people in the valley. :)


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