August 14, 2012

what it looks like here

(neighborhood Smart & Final back lot - Aug 8, 2012 - and is in no way related to the following story.) 

My phone went "missing" yesterday from a lab where I was getting some minor bloodwork done. From the time it took for me to walk out to the parking lot, sit in my car for a few minutes until I felt better, realize I left my phone inside, walk back into the building back to the room I was in a mere 7 minutes ago phone. I went back a second time just to check the trash can in the room. Still no phone. UGH! It makes me angry that people do things like this. Such a silly stupid thing to steal but still a thing that when stolen creates a series of major headaches and unexpected financial stress for the phone's owner. I don't want to seem like I'm whining because in the scope of tragedies a stolen phone is very minor. But it just feels like a personal violation. Texts and voice mail from family and friends not to mention the photos of my boys. So many photos. Thank the stars I had recently uploaded a good portion of these photos to our computer!
Oh, and let's not forget Instagram.....I'm pretty certain I'm going through Instagram withdrawl! Ha!

I know, it could be worse. It could be so much worse but I just needed to vent so thanks for indulging me! :)



  1. Ugh, I am obsessed with my phone (on it now!) and would hate to lose it. I don't back up my pictures nearly frequently enough and it would be so awful to lose them. Plus they charge so much for a new phone when you aren't at the end if your contract, seems super unfair.

    Hope you get a new one quickly. What a bummer!

  2. oh man... i just thought i lost my phone - for about 24 hours and i was going through all the same feelings. i think you should change your instagram password somehow. can you go on through the web? i don't know.... but, it may be worth changing your passwords on everything to make yourself feel less violated. i'm sorry...

  3. What an awful thing to happen - some people can be so thoughtless.

    Nina x

  4. Aarrrgh! I am so sorry Cortnie!!! It's true, ugliness still resides in the dark corners where we pass by. I do believe in karma and sometimes that helps :).
    And yes, venting is reeeaaaallly important... hope your next phone is marvelous!!!

  5. The same thing just happened to us... we forgot to lock our car and left our (cheap, but still not free) GPS in the glove box and came back in the morning to find a totally ransacked car and no GPS.

    You are right. It does feel like such a violation. I'm sorry that happened to you!


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