August 10, 2012

happy weekend!

Despite the oppressive three digit heat situation going on around here we've still managed to fit fun things into our days; farmers markets, visits to the pet store, dinner with friends, cafe dates with G, making cookies, making icecream, blasting a super good and hightly danceable music mix by my blog friend Anamu while making some artz, watching Olympic beach volleyball (my fave and no not because of the bikinis), doing a first time and semi-rambunctious family photo shoot (photos coming soon!), sprinkler and plastic pool play in the front yard, makeshift haircuts in the backyard and Star Wars.

Here's to a happy weekend, lovelies!



  1. what a sweet series! i miss my little friends and their sweet mama! : ) you guys are so cool. i like you. : )

  2. Whale-shaped cookies? Genius.

    Also, love that hieney picture. Too cute! Can't wait to see the family photo shoot!

  3. I love the 6th photo, so gorgeous!! x

  4. These photos are gorgeous! Fabulous Blog :)


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