August 17, 2012

big love

Recently our new friend Jen offered to snap a few family photos of us and of course we said, YES PLEASE! She is such a cool girl, sweet and sincere, and happens to truly love what she does. I wish we could travel back in time 11 years ago to my wedding day so that she could capture those moments in that effortless and beautiful way that she has. I had a three year long dream of getting family photos taken that has now been realized. Super stoked! We had a great time with her and her awesome "Simon Pegg-look-a-like-boyfriend and assistant-for-the-day" Brad, who was great at engaging the little dudes. Can't wait to frame some! We'll treasure these forever - thank you, Jen!



  1. a lot of happy moments captured here! i like the boys in motion! everyone looks darling. your home is so warm and lovely.

  2. Fantastic pictures! I would love to get some real family shots, so hard to do and well worth it. Your's are wonderful.

  3. The long-anticipated family photos! They are fantastic. Totally our style, too. Great job Jen!

  4. beautiful!! course it helps when the subjects are a gorgeous family too!! We are so due for one of these!!!

  5. Adorable family - love the fresh angle of that last shot x

  6. Awww these family photos are so sweet. Glad you got a chance to get some done. I still need to take some since our newest little guy arriving =)

    - Sarah


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