July 1, 2012

new orleans - first night on frenchmen street

You didn't have to go into any special club to hear good New Orleans music. It was literally everywhere. Jazz, R&B, even folk, flowed out of every club door on Frenchmen Street so that all you had to do was pause at the doorway or window of each place for a sampling of the scene. Our favorite though was a street corner brass band made up of high school kids. Nothing could beat their energy. It was vibrant and alive and really catchy. I can actually still hear the drum beat and the horns of the last song they played.


  1. wow!! i've never been to new orleans, and i've always wanted to go and filled with the music. i can't wait to see more!

  2. That looks amazing! Great pictures and I bet it sounded even better than it looks.

  3. Thanks for this little piece of New Orleans, I love looking at photos of places that are so far away from Australia.


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