July 17, 2012

faded fairytales

I had my 5th birthday party at Storyland in my hometown of Fresno, Ca. I can only remember little bits and pieces of that day; falling down and skinning my knee as I excitedly raced up the winding paths, wearing paper hats, opening presents on the throne in the castle, exploring with amazement all the fairy tale houses, using a magic golden key to unlock all the stories.

When we took the boys there this weekend with two of their cousins I was admittedly giddy with the prospect of revisiting this childhood place of wonder where the White Rabbit, Little Red Riding Hood, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears lived. Storyland has definitely seen better days since it's opening in 1962 but the chipped paint, cobwebs, and boarded up snack bar just seemed to add an extra dose of nostalgic charm.

I think I see a Storyland birthday party for the boys in the near future...


  1. What an amazing place, your skinned knee and the chipped paint makes it even better. Pictures like this makes me wish that we lived in a city, sometimes.

  2. I went to a place like this up in Maine as a little girl. So fantastic!

  3. Whoa, that place is amazing!!

  4. who's the boy statue with the striped shirt supposed to be? i do like places like these - like the big paul bunyan statue in nocal on your way to oregon and the old santa claus that used to be on santa claus lane in carpinteria. they're such relics from our childhood. fun to share the 70s with our kids now.

  5. So cool! I especially dig those toadstool stools!


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