June 20, 2012

trees and stars

This past weekend we met G's parents up at Camp Edison for some camping fun. They had a trailer. We had a tent. There are definitely some amenities I appreciate about having a trailer although the novelty of all four of us sleeping in a tent together is pretty sweet. (even if the first night was CRAZY. I think we were woken by the boys about 54 times which eventually ended in a 2 am complete bed re-shuffle.)

We took lots of walks, visited a museum, hiked along small trails, stood on the edge of a sunny meadow, saw a lone deer, ate pancakes two mornings in a row, had s'mores, got nibbled on by mosquitoes, enjoyed the big bright stars in the quiet dark sky. G and I even snuck away for a lunch date in the nearby town while Grandma and Grandpa watched the boys. Oh, how we appreciate those little times of freedom.

And it just so happened that we were in the mountains for Father's Day - one of G's favorite places to be.


  1. Jealous...LOVE camping. So much fun!
    Great pics!!

  2. Looks wonderful! We also went camping recently and had so much fun (and so little sleep!). Worth it though.


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