May 4, 2012

some things stay the same

As the boys' third birthday rapidly approaches I am reminded of how much they've changed. In their appearance; their faces, size, hair, the fact that they're officially little boys now and not babies. And they've changed so much in their abilities; they now climb in and out of their seats at the table and in the car, they feed themselves, ride bikes, make up songs, they pretend all sorts of things, and most recently, use the potty. That's right, they go #1 and #2 IN THE POTTY. I thought this no-diaper-only-big-boy-undies era would never come, but look, it's here, and happening just as naturally as it's supposed to.

But what hasn't changed all that much is the two of them together - yes, there is still a fair amount of fighting but it's framed with a fair amount of playing, laughter, and the special bond that is brotherhood.

happy weekend!



  1. They're so cute! I can't imagine that Wyatt is going to be that big in such a short time. How great that they have eachother.

  2. Thanks, Nichole!

    Mama Smith, I'm sure you've already heard this 1.4 billion times, but it does go by fast!

  3. Cut pictures! ps. I have those sheets :)


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