May 18, 2012

downtown sunday

Looking for things to do last Sunday afternoon we found ourselves going to the car wash and then quickly realizing that, even with all the thorough vacuuming, this had not killed enough time. And we had time to kill. LOTS of time before bed. It felt too hot to go to the park, our default activity. So after driving around a bit we landed at our fave coffee shop for a very late afternoon pre-dinner snack of chocolate cake and wild berry smoothies, which we all shared. After loading up on sugar we still had a good hour and half of time left. The sun had gone done just enough to entice us into a downtown exploratory walk. G and I often lament how our downtown is so vacant on the weekends, unlike bigger cities where people tend to gather and socialize. We daydream about opening up a bagel shop, a cafe, or a vegan diner in some of the empty buildings. There is a strange and lonely beauty however that exists in these downtown streets. Sidewalks and alleys lay empty, there is no traffic, an occasional person rides by on a bike. It's perfect for pretending that giants live up in the top stories or that dinosaurs are chasing you through the alleys. And it's particularly perfect for imagining that you are an unstoppable crime fighting duo.


  1. Oh, give me just one Sunday in downtown and I would have walked around with my mouth open, thinking that I was an unstoppable crime fighter too!
    Lilli x

  2. Any day where I can get chocolate cake before dinner is a good one! Great pictures.

  3. Great, great shots. "Strange and lonely beauty": yes. I lack confidence when it comes to downtown photos, but these have inspired me! Glad I stumbled here tonight. :)


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