April 20, 2012


When I was pregnant with the boys, people would always give out advice and opinions (as you pregnant ladies know) and I would often hear that having twins was wonderful because they'll learn how to share faster than other kids, and they'll always have someone to play with. Yeah....I know. I'm not sure what kind of fantasy world these people were living in but those things aren't neccessarily true. Like at all. Of course it's true my boys always have a playmate in each other but a good portion of their time is spent stealing toys, whacking each other on the head, wrestling until it devolves into tears, and overall general hassling. And they haven't learned how to share any faster than other kids out there. Not. At. All.

So when I catch them being truly kind to one another when no one is looking and get a glimpse of the buddies that they really are to one another, it just melts my heart.

may you have a happy weekend!


  1. What a sweet series! I've met a lot of twins since having W and it amazes me how varied the relationships are as toddlers; one set are obsessed with eachother and very affectionate, another set ignore one another for anyone else that might be around... I guess it's obvious that they're all individuals.

  2. My girls are exactly the same way...only 2 1/2 years apart. Love those moments when they are enjoying each others company.

  3. aw, so lovely. my brother and i just fought today over who would get the last sesame bagel. i guess we'll always bee 6 and 8 inside :)

    xo alison

  4. Alison, that's so cute! I can see why you would fight over a sesame bagel though - they're the best! xo


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