February 7, 2012

two hundred years ago today

The grey blustery weather today is a perfect backdrop to the nostalgia I'm feeling for London...I fell into several rabbit holes today searching for old photos (then remembering they reside on a yet to be fixed hard drive), thumbing through photo albums and reminiscing about past travels; and it all started with being reminded of the birthday of Charles Dickens.

G and I visited St Mary-le-Strand in London where Charles' parents were married in 1809 and also saw his final resting place in the Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey. I remember the coffee we had in the shady stone corridors of the cloisters where we made friends with a resident cat (something I do everywhere we go) and explored the sunny garden.

dear London, how I miss you....


  1. What great memories, and photos!! The kids and I remembered Charles Dickens birthday today, and watched a cute and quick video on his life. Not sure what age level it caters to but my kids enjoyed it:


    Oh how I would love to go one day!

  2. Looks like you had a fun day out. It's actually my birthday on the 7th February too! I'm really chuffed to share it with such a national treasure.

  3. What a literary master and what a fantastic thing to do! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Cortnie and that you get to visit London again soon xo


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