February 21, 2012

new recipe love

This past weekend was wonderfully spent playing and enjoying the coastal weather. (coastal weather = being chilly in the shade and wonderfully warm in the sun). Riding bikes, taking walks, watching Downton Abbey, stealing away with G for an afternoon while my parents watch the boys (heaven!) and making fantastic new vegan dishes. Finding, making, and enjoying new recipes excites me to no end!

This Creamy Mac and Cheese with Cauliflower and Chard is amazingly cheesy and wonderful and full of vegetables including my new vegetable crush - red swiss chard. How could a vegetable be so pretty?

And these Quarter Pounder Beet Burgers were a hit too! A perfect vegan burger full of protein and a little hint of sweetness. Amazing. Oh, and don't forget to pair them with fries and a beer.  
That is perfection.

Hope your weekend was just what you needed!



  1. You had sold with the first line. YUM, lady, yum. I want to come over to your place for dinner!

  2. Lily, you can come over for dinner ANY old time!


  3. Love swiss chard...I will have to try this recipe.
    We grew it in our garden last summer and it grew so well I think we ate it everyday.I plan on growing it again so I definitely need to stock up on some yummy recipes.


  4. I love chard too... and I do discriminate preferring either rainbow or swiss to regular which is completely about the beauty! Putting it in mac and cheese is a great idea and probably offsets how rich it is.


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