February 17, 2012

february photo a day project

*makes me happy: my three favorite boys, two in p.j.s, walking over in the cold foggy morning to my brother's house for pancakes.
*my closet: the contents of it on the bed while it was painted a lovely shade of lavender.

*blue: chair and clem + the remains of a lunch

*heart: I heart this boy

*phone: waiting for the doctor at the jules stein institute
*something new: newly acquired vintage


  1. I love all of your picture a day pics.
    You always find interesting compositions.
    Where did you find the prompts for the day...I love it.
    I think I might need to join in...it looks like fun and it will probably stretch me a little more as a photographer.

  2. Thank you so much, Melissa! It's been fun having certain themes to focus on. I'm doing the february photo a day challenge here:



  3. Some lovely photos there. I always think it's quite hard to keep up with the 'one photo a day' thing - such a challenge, but a good one.

  4. I totally agree, Lois - it's harder than one thinks to keep up! It's a nice goal though. ;)



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