February 24, 2012

february photo-a-day friday

1. time - my favorite time of day
2. drink - iced tea in the park
3. something I hate to do - ironing!
4. handwriting - a note from my dad
5. a favorite photo of me - a favorite because I'm standing in a house built by Frank Lloyd Wright.
6. where I work - the front of my office and the office door
7. my shoes - mine and someone else's
8. inside my medicine cabinet - sorry, no secrets here

It's becoming more and more of a challenge to keep up with these photos! It always seems so easy in the beginning... guess that's why it's called a challenge, right? :)

happy happy weekend!


  1. Love that sky! Beautiful. Where is the FLW house you're standing in? I love that man. ;) Lovely pic of you too!

  2. I hate ironing too but honestly I never do it... I embrace the wrinkles:) great pics!

  3. Thanks, Janis - the FLW house I'm standing in is the Ablin House right here in Bakersfield, CA. My husband's meditation group held a weekend retreat there; it's not generally open to the public so I felt thrilled to be able to see it! It's in complete original condition - just amazing!

  4. I love this post. I too am also a Frank-ophile, and you look so lovely!I also have a soft spot for feet photos ;)

  5. The sky pic is beautiful!! Love it!
    I too hate ironing...I usually only use the iron when I sew, otherwise my dryer and a damp cloth is my iron...ha, ha , can we say lazy!

    Love FLW also!!

  6. Are those curtains from Ikea?? They look like the curtains I was trying to get my husband to let me get for our living room! I love them. Also I can't wait to do the March Photo A Day Challenge! It'll be my first time doing it :)

  7. Great shots all! I love the note from Dad, your selfie (in the prestigious house) and your minimalist medicine cabinet. Happy day to you, Cortnie x

  8. I love your hair in the self-portrait! I keep thinking I will cut my hair that length sometime, but I just don't think it would tousle...


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