January 6, 2012

it's been far too long...

 I can't remember the last time I sat down at the kitchen table in a quiet house, opened up a sketchbook and put pen to paper, brush to paint. It's been far too long I know. Although I have a degree in studio art the pressure to create has always been a burden for me. I often get discouraged before I even begin knowing that I won't be able to execute the images that are so clear in my head. Feeling I should be a better artist than I am. Feeling like a fraud. But recently I've felt these bright sparks, a kindling of ideas; inspiration that resonates so deeply that I know I possess an innate ability to create - however that may manifest, I will welcome it.


  1. Oh goodness, Cortnie, this looks so exciting, so promising--...I hope you do let our creativity shine and let those sparks fly!!!! If it's any help, i know that I had zero desire for creativity when my kids were younger. Now that they are older, there just seems to be more space.
    ps. squash that little voice that says those crazy things!

  2. Cortnie, these are so beautiful!! I know what you mean about the burden of creating...it can be quite the responsibility. Keep going though, these are so lovely.
    All the best,

  3. MJ, thank you for your kind words - thanks for the perspective too! ;)

    Charlotte, thank you for your kindness and encouragement!


  4. i hope the sparks keep coming because that's beautiful.

  5. Your photography (on all your posts) is beautiful, and your drawing is too. I also want to draw more, I've been thinking about keeping up with Illustration Friday, but I haven't been finding the topics what I was looking for.


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