December 19, 2011

our little hazel

G and I feel that adding the responsibility of a dog to our everyday toddler twin chaos would be too much for us right now. We already have two kitties that we forget to buy food for sometimes and have to make last minute trips to Rite-Aid. So as the boys and I were on one of our daily neighborhood explorations I didn't expect to fall a little bit in love with a dog. She might have been a stray because she didn't have a collar or tags but she was the sweetest doggy we ever met. I spied her  wandering around a nearby parking lot when she looked our way and made a beeline straight to us. After a little tentative sniffing she adopted us and we finished our walk as a pack. Right up to our house. And then down our driveway, past our puffed up calico, and to our backyard. As naptime quickly approached I was trying to figure out how I could keep her around without trapping her in our yard and freaking her out. Or freaking G out when he would eventually come home to find me harboring a stray dog. After the boys got up from their nap we went outside to find "our" doggy but of course she wasn't there. We even went out to look for her but we didn't have any luck. I really really hope that she belongs to someone that loves her and that she had just escaped her yard. But I hope even more that she'll magically be on the back porch one day. Oh, and her name is Hazel.


  1. Sweet Hazel! Maybe she was taking a vacation from her family. Maybe she'll come back to visit you. xo

  2. this is heartbreaking! i want her to just end up on your porch...forever. :)

  3. Oh what a beautiful dog...I do hope she has an owner looking for her .... We have been holding off getting a dog too. It's been very difficult to wait but I am also aware it's like adding a third child, so I'll be patient... Please give us an update if you learn more about Hazel!


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