December 21, 2011

on my christmas list...

My mom has the circa 1970's fisher price dollhouse that belonged to my cousin as a child. I vividly remember playing with it and all of the little animals and people. The current fisher price stuff doesn't even compare. I've thought about smuggling it out with me after visiting my parents but I know Augie & Liam's cousins would miss it. Plus everyone would know I did it. Instead my mom's good friend who is a garage/estate sale master is going to look out for vintage fisher price treasures for me.


  1. i found a fisher price set at an estate sale that had been used...OFTEN. it was pretty destroyed but i still wanted it. i asked how much it was, thinking it wouldn't be too much...HA, $60! i was bummed. no vintage fisher price set for us either.
    hope you find yours!

  2. OH I know exactly what you mean!!!! This new stuff doesn't hold an ounce of the creativity or design sense it use to...alas... did you check ebay? You may find it! (though it's much more fun going estate sale shopping :).

  3. oh this brings back fun memories! on a recent visit my mom dug out my old 1970's fisher price schoolhouse and merry go round for me to bring home. how i loved them! i never had that dog though - he's a good one!


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