December 5, 2011


This is the very first time in the entire time G and I have been married that we put Christmas lights on the house! (Well, he put them up - I just took pictures.) Of course he was assisted by two munchkins who really just wanted to climb the ladder the whole time. Now we go outside after dinner to say goodnight to the lights in the jasmine over our front door.


  1. these pictures are awesome! they have a great vintage feel somehow. there's something about all the greenery while the festivites are happening that makes things look so lush ~ here, there are skeleton trees and a lot of brown garden brush, and at night, all the neighborhoods have lights all over the lawns. I'm getting into the season!

    'the lights in the jasmine'. ah!

  2. I think kids have a way of bringing the spirit out in us...thank goodness for that! Love the photos!

  3. kiddos LOVE lights.

    good job.
    i'm thinking this won't be your last

  4. Love this time of year so special love your photos have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy


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