December 27, 2011

changing one's view

G and I have come to the conclusion that when two toddlers are involved, holding on to any kind of expectations for the day, even days that are supposed to be "special", is certain to bring a fair amount of suffering. Our little Christmas was no different. The boys were still getting over a bad cold, we were all a bit sleep deprived, and patience was a little threadbare. There were still tears, loud disputes over toys, and a need for lots of extra attention. At naptime G and I looked at each other already exhausted. Wouldn't it be great if the grandparents lived in town and they could come over for a while?...and rescue us? ...After a brief respite and a pep talk we decided to enjoy the rest of the day for whatever it held. And when we let go of our expectations we relaxed and we all had much more fun playing songs on the new recorders, racing wooden cars, having tea with the new tea set, and playing outside in the bright cold on brand new shiny red glider bikes.

And I got a perfect gift from all my boys; Silver Shade Polaroid Film!


  1. Lucky you! That's some lovely film. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

  2. So true Cortnie! And as for living away from family, Dan and I are always questioning our doing that. Spent my youth escaping my parents, now I miss having them close. Great film score :)

  3. Impossible film was on my list but just didn't make it.

    I, too, keep noticing how my days never go as I envisioned them, not ever as much time as I thought, things take a turn, and it has been a struggle to accept what is happening and let go of what I wanted to happen (what I *knew* I would get done if only a, b or c hadn't happened...)

    I really want to learn a different way.

    xo brooke


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