November 20, 2011

day 18

I'm thankful for this rain today even though it makes me melancholy. I'm thankful for the fire in the fireplace, that our roof doesn't leak, and that there will soon be cookies baking in the kitchen...


  1. wow, how did you do this picture. love it!!

    the smell of baking cookies is incredible and the bonus is getting to eat them.
    sound like you had a great rainy day.

  2. oh, i would be thankfull for these boots.


  3. I love this simple post. It's stormy here in Vancouver and all I want to do is stay in cozy up and bake cookies. Great idea! Now I need to get a hold of those boots!

  4. I have to tell you that your thankful days have a wonderful affect on me too :). This is a gorgeous photo and those boots are awesome!! We get a lot of rain down here, but not enough to warrant cool boots like those. Maybe when we move I'll find reasons for cool boots :).
    Have a great day Cortnie!


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