November 2, 2011

candy and cowboys and pancakes, oh my!

This was by far the best Halloween we've had as a family - we took the boys along with some friends to Safe Halloween at Stramler Park. We walked along through the wonderful Pioneer Village complete with old buildings and trains. Candy or not, any place with a train equals Disneyland in our book. We thought eating pancakes for dinner at our neighborhood bowling alley would be the perfect end to our evening. The festivities continued the next night at our good friends' annual Halloween bash where we did some old school neighborhood trick-or-treating. This was the boys' first official trick-or-treating experience so it was so fun to watch their recognition of what was happening after about the third house. Their costumes were traditionally last-minute as is my style. I literally threw everything together Sunday when I happily realized we had everything for two cowboy-esque costumes including the circa 1972 overalls that G wore when he was their age - they're still in perfect condition! No sewing or money needed. My FAVE. Just throw in an eyeliner mustache and voilĂ !


  1. HA, HA that mustache is killing cute!!

  2. You seriously have the loveliest cowboys ever! Those are such great costumes for halloween, and look at that mustache! Ah, I died.
    PS. I love your banner!

  3. What a great cowboy day this was!

  4. Oh goodness, cutest boys EVER!! Looks like it was a fantastic Halloween :).

    PS thanks for your kind words on my post yesterday :).

  5. JUUUST about the cutest little cowboys I've ever seen!!



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