October 26, 2011

we're off to see the animals

During our visit to see my family we took a field trip  to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo - my mom, sister, sister-in-law and ALL six cousins ages 5 to 5 months. Amongst all the craziness that an outing with all the little ones ensures we had a fabulous time. We watched the seals swim and eat fish, we spied a baby orangutan playing in the grass, and fed leaves to a very nice giraffe. It was magically nostalgic for me as I remembered all the times I had been to this same zoo as a little girl. I'm fairly certain I was more excited about seeing the animals than the boys were - although they seemed to find the most delight in the resident squirrels who came around hoping to scamper off with some lunch scraps.

It's always the simple things...


  1. I love your photographs! The third one from the top is just adorable with the little legs on the step!!

  2. Fantastic! What lovely boys. Beautiful pictures, as always.

  3. i love your photography. and i love that though we go often - i keep taking the same photos of the kids (by the tiger cutout, feeding the giraffes, hugging nosey)...but i assume it will be gratifying to look back in the future and see them growing up. i love seeing your family doing the same thing.


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