October 7, 2011

shadow box images - the kodak vigilant six-20 experiment (part one)

I found a treasure trove of old cameras in the bottom drawer of our hallway closet amongst a lot of 35mm film and shoe polish. I have no idea how those two categories got thrown into storage together but then again, a lot of things in our hallway closet don't make sense. I swear I never even knew about this wonderful vintage Kodak camera but when I finally found the button to open up the lens I fell instantly in love.

I have no idea how to use this camera or if you can even get film for it. I thought in the meantime I could try using the "through the viewfinder" method that Janis Nicolay from Pinecone Camp sometimes uses. She talks about how she uses this method here. I kind of did a low-tech version of hers. While I did use my digital Sony Cybershot in conjunction with my Kodak, I didn't use (or have) a macro lens or a tripod. I simply held my digital camera lens right up to the Kodak viewfinder and took the shot. While this didn't have the same exact effect as shown in Janis' work I was still delighted in the results. They made me think of looking at images through an old viewfinder toy or stepping into a tiny box to peek out at the glowy images on the other side. At first when I was editing these I cropped out as much of the black as I could but I realized the images lost their enchanting peep show effect and decided to leave them as is. After all, it's just an experiment.

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