October 3, 2011

a proper welcoming

84 degree weather or not, this past weekend being the first two days of October, I vowed to officially welcome in the fall season by making carrot apple ginger soup and cranberry apple crisp. The soup was SO tasty - I loved the combination of carrots and green apples with ginger. Cranberries and leftover green apples inspired me to make the crisp. The only thing missing from the warm cinnamon-y crisp was ice cream. Darn! That's why one should always keep ice cream on hand! I'll be picking some up today.

My official (and shirtless) taste-testers;

They gave both recipes an "I like IT!" rating which is pretty much the highest rating you can get in this house.

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  1. what delicious food you're making! anything with ginger or apples totally gets me in the fall mood.


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