October 12, 2011

minolta magic

I've been using G's Minolta SR-T 101 for the past several weeks. I had totally been setting the light meter wrong for like three rolls of film (I hadn't used a camera like this since high school!) so I was surprised when I got these back. I love them all. It is truly amazing how different it is using film as opposed to digital. Does anything beat the sound of that click of the shutter? Or the careful thought put into finding a good shot? Or the best; picking up newly developed prints knowing you have 24 to 36 presents inside? 

I have re-discovered an old and wonderful love.


  1. The photos are gorgeous. They've got a personality to them that digital can't supply.

    I feel like a magician performing a fancy trick when I see the photos for the first time. Voila!

  2. i love the grainy feel of these photos. i need to pick up an old camera!

    the egg out west.

  3. The grain on these photos is MAGICAL. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  4. lady, these are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.
    absolutely. stunning.

  5. what beautifully dreamy photos. i love them!


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