October 28, 2011

35mm reflections

Now that I gave my boys a shearing a couple of weeks ago I miss their wild unkempt hair all the more after looking at these photos! I've always been a little attached to their hair so I view cutting it all off as my way of practicing detachment. 
I know. 
It sounds ridiculous. 
But if I can't practice detachment in letting go of their wild locks how in the world will I practice letting go of the little boys who will grow up before I can believe it?


  1. Thus camera coupled with its photographer is such a winning pair. These are beautiful shots you've captured. Keep looking for those beautiful fleeting moments!

  2. They are adorable! Thanks for sharing this very special moments via your camera. And it is not ridiculous,it's being a mom!


  3. omg everything is so beautiful!
    xo p

  4. These photos are so beautiful.

    And I am dying over the rat tea party. What awesome kids! :D

  5. they are way too cute. i totally know what you mean about the hair. my little guy needs a haircut so bad, but i keep putting it off because i love the shaggy look.

  6. ugh, this collection of pictures is so so amazing! your boys are perfection! p.s. boy's hair grows like weeds...their long locks will be back in no time!

  7. Cortnie, your boys are precious! i've just gone through several pages of your blog and love that you share the beautiful and simple moments of your everyday. Really happy to have found your blog - love your photography style too.

    Have a great weekend!


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