September 6, 2011

trip to the motherland

Five giddy friends and one darling baby, wandering (and eating) through IKEA, makes for a pretty fantastic day...

(That's me on the left; aisle surfing....for some reason these kind of shenanigans never get old.)

And the highlight of the trip? The food of course! Soft serve cones and animal-style fries at In-n-Out (which by the way I just discovered after suffering for over a year in vegetarian silence; fries with sauteed onions, melted cheese and, yes, thousand island dressing.
I like to call it heaven.)

*photos of my IKEA spoils to come...


  1. haha- I did exactly the same including the aisle surfing last weekend! Thanks for posting my calendars, C.

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one who likes to do that! ;)



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