September 13, 2011

september pool party

 Our family got together last weekend to celebrate the end of summer with a pool party - it was also a celebration of the times we spent together at my parents house on Bobolink Lane. They'll soon be moving into a sweet little house on Terrace around the corner from my brother and his family. We were all sad to say goodbye to the house and the beautiful half acre surrounding it with the vegetable garden and the little fruit orchard in the back. Many an occasion were celebrated there including the arrival of six grandchildren, but despite this bittersweet departure we are all looking forward to the new chapter in my parents' life - one that will prove to be more stress free and fun-filled. Onward we go...


  1. Well, hello lovely new blog. Great pictures of you and the family. And, I'm super excited that your parents will be moving to the neighborhood.

  2. We're really excited too - I think it will make it a lot easier to see you guys when we visit. ;)

  3. looks like i missed an awesome party!

  4. there's always all tomorrow's parties....


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