August 25, 2011


I love trains and so do my boys. We often pull over just to watch a train go by....

I really like train graffiti too.

From our house you can be sure to hear the lonely whistle of a train flying through the night.


  1. Hi Cortnie! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog--it made my morning. We live near trains, too, and often hear the whistles at night (when we first moved here I thought I would never sleep because of all the whistling going on at night, but now I sleep right through it). I can't watch trains pass, because it makes me motion-sick. When I'm stopped at a train I have to wait with my head down for the train to pass. But I do like train graffiti, too. Such artistic delinquents in the world; hopefully they channel it to something less, well, illegal!

  2. man you are talking to my heart...


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