August 9, 2011

From the Land of Smiles

Meet my new bag from Etsy seller Tippy Thai! I could have been happy with any of her beautiful designs but I'm so happy with the bag I chose because of it's perfect size, messenger style, lovely lines and it happens to be one of my fave colors.

Tippy was so sweet that she offered to expand my bag by an inch when she found out I have twins. (Twins = LOTS of gear at all times). So far I've been able to accommodate my wallet, phone, keys, etc. plus wipes, a bag of Cheerios, two sippy cups and a couple of emergency diapers and it all fit without looking like I stuffed my house into it. Yay!

Thank you to Rachell at No Mark at All for featuring Tippy's bag in a post to share with others, including me. :)

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  1. Ooooh congrats! Its lovely! Thanks so much for sharing, I added a link to Hard Not to Love No. 20!


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