August 1, 2011

Just as long as it doesn't look like a boudoir....

Those were G's exact words to me when he took a look at my manic-filled eyes as I tried to convince him that Dusted Plum and Goodnight Kiss would be a perfect fit for our bedroom colors. I noticed that I had a thing for all things Lilac when I would dreamily pick out all sorts of paint chips while perusing the paint aisle at Lowe's. I hoarded them carefully in a ziploc bag labeled "inspiration".

So when the time came to pick up sample paint I grabbed my paint chips and headed out. As I confidently waited by the counter I felt pretty smug. This was going to be it. And then I got home and put the colors on the wall......

Even after I stood back and looked at the color combo I tried to convince myself it would be fine. I called G in. He sat down on the bed silently looking with his "I'm trying to be open to new ideas" expression. But who I was I kidding? They were the same colors I had in my room growing up; basically pink and purple. How would a dude feel going to bed every night surrounded by fairy-colored walls? And then I remembered how I sometimes have fantasies about having a baby girl and it all made sense. So I tucked Dusted Plum and Goodnight Kiss in with Lilac and Girls Night Out and saved it under "just in case."

G and I tried to come up with some different color inspiration as I looked around the room in dismay (I'm always a little dramatic when I'm in any kind of "interior re-design, re-paint, re-arrange mania. And it is a mania, just ask G.)

Then my eyes alighted on our cheerful and cozy Ikea comforter cover with the sweet little tulip design (or pac man design?...either way) and I instantly knew.

But just to be sure, I called in some interior decorating experts, or as they're more commonly known, Paint Color Wizards.

We deliberated for what seemed like hours. We had to take lots of breaks.

And then, right before naptime - a breakthrough!

We decided on Summer Field and Garden Urn. Can't go wrong with those names, right?

And here on the wall just for good measure...

But would it really all work out as we so desperately hoped? Part Two of the story to come...

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